Wie klingt Motivation? (2018) SUCHT, Hogrefe

Change-Talk in German Youth Language (2018) DS: Interdisciplinary International Journal



Go clearer and better through life and and carry lightness instead of burdens.

You get to know yourself and your possibilities. My coachings focus on clarity, finding and achieving your personal goals, enriching relationships, healthy self-respect and joyous self-love.

Together, we strengthen motivation and mindful living, improve the handling of inhibiting or difficult situations. We work on your style of communicating with others and yourself. If needed, we adress self-organization and structuring, connected to the so called work-life balance.

I use different methods and techniques. In doing so I resort to cognitive and behavioural methods as well as energetic work – and sometimes just my gut feeling. However, if I think that another colleague or another method is more goal-oriented for you, I will also be happy to forward you to them. Under “links” you will find a reference to recommendable colleagues and specialists and their exciting fields. Whoever may accompany you – we wish you a fulfilled lifestyle in a sustainable way.

Individual, couple and group sessions possible.

Please feel free to contact me for an appointment: psy[at]simonatheoharova[dot]com



I focus on creativity and teambuilding workshops in which every individual can develop his or her personality. Combining a solid psychological basis with a tailored range of artistic elements, participants improve joint development, performance such as presence, public speaking and spontaneous reactions as well as imagination and borderless thinking.
Creativity and self-confidence enhancement supported by lasting mentoring.

Enhancing Creativity

Please feel free to contact me for an appointment: psy[at]simonatheoharova[dot]com